Pediatric Dentistry

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At Children's Dentistry of Redlands we are completely focused on the health and well-being of every patient, especially children. Drs. Hoffer & Lauer and our entire team acknowledge that the first introduction to the dentist often plays a huge role on a person’s lifelong feelings towards the dentist. This is why we place such a large focus on pediatric dentistry. When a child comes into our Redlands dental office for an appointment we have a very simple goal and it is to help them attain a healthy mouth while creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment that leaves them excited about their upcoming dental appointments.

Some of the pediatric dental treatments we offer are:

        Dental check-ups

        Quick and gentle teeth cleanings

        Low radiation x-rays

        Protective sealants

·         Fluoride treatments

        Growth & development evaluations

        Tooth-colored crowns & fillings

·         Gentle extractions

        Oral hygiene demonstrations

·         And more!


When should a child first see the dentist?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that a child first see the dentist within 6 months of their first tooth’s eruption or before their first birthday.

Why are baby teeth important?

Many people wonder why baby teeth are important if they are going to fall out anyway. Baby teeth are important because they are place-holders for permanent teeth. They need to stay healthy and strong because if they are lost prematurely, adult teeth may grow in differently than they naturally should as they have more room to fill gaps in the mouth. In a way, baby teeth act as natural braces guiding the way for permanent teeth. It is also important to maintain good oral health at an early age as cavities and harmful bacteria can develop on baby teeth just as it does on permanent teeth. A healthy mouth at any age, contributes to overall good health.

What is the difference between a family dentist and a Pediatric dentist?

Drs. Hoffer & Lauer are family dentists. At Children’s Dentistry of Redlands, we see patients of all ages and can treat every member of the family here in our Redlands dental office, often on the same day and sometimes, in tandem. Drs. Hoffer & Lauer received an ADA recognized dental degree through a post-graduate dental program and continues to take classes and attends conventions to stay abreast of all the new treatments and research being done within the dental community.  Our priority is keeping your child’s best interest in mind and if your child’s situation is out-of-scope for Drs. Hoffer & Lauer will discuss other options and may refer your child to a Pediatric dentist in the area.

A Pediatric dentist is a dentist who went on to complete a two+ year residency program in pediatric dentistry after receiving either their DDS or DMD. Once their residency is complete, the ADA recognizes them as being a pediatric dentistry specialist.  Typically a Pediatric dentist focuses their work on treating only children from infants through adolescents.

Ready to schedule your child’s dental appointment?

Whatever age of your child and whether this is their first dental appointment or not, we are happy to help. If you are in the Redlands, CA area and are ready to schedule a dental appointment for your child, please give us a call at Children’s Dentistry of Redlands today!



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