What is Preventive Dentistry? 

A child’s smile needs all the extra protection it can get. Taking your child to see the dentist once their first tooth emerges will help create a sense of importance actively visiting the dentist a high priority. Preventive dentistry is essential to maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime.

At Children’s Dentistry of Redlands, we provide proactive preventive dentistry for your child’s developing smile. Pediatric dentistry at our Riverside practice is done with your child’s comfort in mind. 

Dr. Jennifer Hoffer and Dr. Heather Lauer help keep young patient’s smiles healthy by educating parents on prevention. Here are two main suggestions for preventive measures for your child’s oral health:

Sealants and Fluoride Treatment

Young smiles are at a higher risk for decay caused by bacteria and acid. Developing enamel is not as resistant to damage compared to permanent, adult teeth. Children’s back teeth contain deep pits and fissures that trap debris and bacteria, which if not properly cleaned can erode dental enamel. Sealants are a thin coating that is painted on the surface of teeth, especially high-risk areas such as the premolars and molars, in order to prevent tooth decay. The protective layer bonds directly into the depressions and groves, shielding young teeth from any damage or decay. 

If your area offers fluoridated tap water, fluoride treatment may be recommended to help prevent tooth decay. This mineral helps the tooth become more resistant to caustic attacks from plaque and bacteria in the smile. For children under the age of 6, incorporating fluoride into their daily diet is recommended as their permanent teeth develop. There are various options to add this mineral into your child’s routine such as topical fluoride toothpastes, mouth rinses, and fluoride treatments applied by our Redlands pediatric dentists.

Visiting the Dentist Twice a Year

It’s important for all patients to routinely visit the dentist twice a year. Although you may be diligent at caring for your child’s smile at home, a professional check-up will keep their oral health up to date. During these appointments, our dentists monitor health status, thoroughly clean teeth, and educate patients on areas they can improve on when brushing at home. You are encouraged to ask questions regarding necessary treatments that can further protect your child’s smile. 

At Children’s Dentistry of Redlands, we provide fun, comfortable pediatric dental care with your child’s continued oral health in mind. For more information about our preventive dental treatments, contact our practice today to schedule an appointment!  



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