The Importance of Sedation in Children’s Dentistry 

Your child’s safety and comfort during a dental procedure with sedation is a top consideration as parent. For patients who are especially young and anxious, dentists recommend sedation prior to complex procedures. Although there are other methods to alleviate your child’s anxiety prior to the appointment, sedation is normally safe procedure that provides significant benefit for long appointments and extensive treatments

Types of Sedation

There are a variety of sedation options of varying levels that may be recommend, such as oral conscious, nitrous oxide, and intravenous sedation. At Children’s Dentistry of Redlands, we offer nitrous oxide and general sedation for better predictability of treatment.

Nitrous oxide sedation, also known as laughing gas, helps children remain calm, but conscious during their procedure. Children can choose a flavor to inhale, sometimes bubble gum or vanilla. Through a small mask, flavored nitrous oxide and oxygen are delivered. Within five minutes, patients are relaxed and may sometimes fall asleep due to how calm and comfortable they are. At the end of the procedure, pure oxygen can be given reduce effects of remaining nitrous oxide. 

When a patient is under IV sedation, they are more deeply relaxed and feel no pain during their procedure. A combination of intravenous medication and inhaled gasses are what make up this sedation method. It’s recommended for parents to be there with their children when a complex procedure calls for this variety of sedation.

Regardless of what type of sedation option you choose, simple procedures like fillings may only call for local anesthetic, a type of numbing agent applied at the treatment site that creates better comfort during care.  

At Children’s Dentistry of Redlands, our dentists and staff ensure that your child is well taken care of, and feels at ease when visiting our dental practice. For more information about our sedation options, pediatric procedures, or emergency dentistry, contact our Redlands pediatric dental practice today. 

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