How to Alleviate Your Child's Anxiety

How to alleviate your Child’s Anxiety

Taking your child to their first dental appointment, or any dental appointment, can be difficult if they are experiencing any anxiety or fear about the appointment. At Children’s Dentistry of Redlands, we provide a safe, relaxing, and fun atmosphere that can assist in alleviating these fears. However, here are a few tips that help you comfort your child, and make their appointment more enjoyable. 

Make it a family outing

If your child feels more comfortable being with you while they’re in the dental chair, making a dental appointment a family affair can improve their comfort. You may also schedule an appointment with your child’s sibling, to show an anxious child that they’re not alone. Knowing that a trusted person in their life finds visiting the dentist as a fun thing can instill more confidence when they ultimately have an appointment on their own. 

Talk to your child

By being patient and understanding with your child, you can find the cause of their fear. Maybe they had heard from a classmate about a scary experience with the dentist, or heard your talk about the dentist in a negative way. Whatever the cause, it’s important to address the topic during a quiet time where you can give them your full attention. Let them know that you understand their fear, and don’t demean them for being afraid of the dentist. One way to ease their anxiety is to talk about a fear of yours so that they know you’ve been in this situation too. Talking to your child about their dental fear is a great way to build trust and deal with any underlying issues. 

Talk to your child’s pediatric dentist 

Keeping our Redland’s pediatric dentist informed of your child’s anxiety before their appointment can help us better prepare by providing toys or setting time aside beforehand to get to know your child. At Children’s Dentistry of Redlands, our dentists and staff welcome you and your family with warm smiles and a happy attitude. We take our time to get to know our patients.

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